xiom Hand Sanitizer Enriched With Aloevera, Neem And Haldi is is an effective hand sanitizer gel with 80% alcohol content that is generally used to neutralize infectious agents like germs, viruses, etc on the hands. 

Formulation of this alcohol-based type sanitizers is preferred for cleaning hands on the go and hence they are available in handy packaging.

Handwashing with soap and water, in most situations, is not possible and hence a hand sanitizer becomes an ideal product to carry along everywhere. 

It is generally more effective at destroying the disease-causing micro-organisms with 80% alcohol content and is gentle on the skin.

Aloevera acts as a moisturizer and cleanser on the skin.

Neem And Haldi not only opens the clogged pores but also removes the bacteria from the skin surface.

It kills most of the illness-causing germs on the hands thereby protecting the user from various diseases.

80 % Alcohol based sanitizer Axiom Enriched With Aloevera

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